CISO27001: Interactive panels in Hera (Bologna, 17.05.2023)

ATTENTION: These panels are reserved exclusively for CISOs and Security Managers!

On the 17th of May in Bologna, Digital Club/Cyber and AIPSA organise at  Hera an afternoon of networking and training with interactive closed-door simulation tables to engage with cyber mentors and other CISOs on how to deal with a cyber incident.

Agenda of the day 

10:30 – 10:50 Accreditation check and welcome coffee
10:50 – 11:30 Institutional speech
11:30 – 13:00 Closed-door simulation (tables of 6)
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch break
14:30 – 15:30 Plenary Lesson-Learned
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee and Networking

Everyone will face the same scenario and various mini-stories.

How would you deal with a criticality related to a data breach?

Interactive training with simultaneous simulation tables led by cyber mentors, where the objective is to bring out the reasoning that needs to be done during a cyber incident.

Everyone will face the same scenario involving 4 decision nodes with 32 different possible outcomes.

The text and plots of this interactive story were created by Andrea Guarino, Security Awareness & Training Manager at Acea SpA, as part of the dissemination and awareness-raising activities on IT security issues related to the European project H2020 “ECHO” (the ECHO project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement no 830943).

Some of the Cyber-mentor

Community experts will guide the simulation and facilitate the sharing of experiences.

sergio insalaco

Sergio Insalaco
Head of IT Governance Security & Continuity at UnipolSai

Davide Gaieni

Davide Gaieni
Information Technology Security Manager Aon Italia

Andrea Guarino

Andrea Guarino
Security Awareness & Training Manager at Acea SpA | Partner of the European project H2020 “ECHO”


Nicola Querciagrossa
Chief Information Security Officer at Grissin Bon


Lorenzo Pompei
Information & Cyber Security Compliance Manager at Hera

Andrea Guarino

Franco Picchioni
Head of Information & Cyber Security at Gruppo Hera

Davide Gaieni

Luigi Ricchi
Information Security Manager – Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna

Davide Gaieni

Marco Solustri
Information Security at Panini

Davide Gaieni

Alessandro Cattelino
Cybersecurity Manager at Gruppo Iren

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ATTENTION: These panels are reserved exclusively for CISOs and Security Managers!

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